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Honey Bees – Update

Well, the new hive has been doing great this year! They are healthy as can be and are now occupying two almost full hive boxes, with a healthy mixture of stored honey, pollen, eggs, and larvae. I recently inspected the hive and got to watch a brand new worker bee chewing her way out of the cell where she grew (a neat thing to see!).

Given the dry conditions in Colorado, I’ve been feeding them supplementary pollen and sugar water, but they’ve also been gathering lots of native nectar and pollen. It’s amazing to see the different colors of pollen they bring in from the wildflowers around here, ranging from bright yellow to purplish orange to blood red.

The first year for a new hive is when they build up all the comb and food for themselves and get settled in, so we won’t be harvesting any honey this year, but they’ve been progressing very well and should have lots of extra beautiful golden honey for us next year.


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