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Update on kidding season

So far this year we have had 7 does kid for a total of 14 babies- 9 boys and 5 girls. Our two top does gave birth to 3 kids each! Unfortunately this is the first time we lost a kid. It was a sad experience but one that is part of this lifestyle. We have one doe that will kid next month and that will be the end of our season. It has had it’s high and low points and caused us to think of things we will do differently for next year.
Today the first of our babies left for their new home. It was a little bittersweet. It will be wonderful to be back to our core crew but you do get so attached to those kids.   So here are the three boys.  They found a home where they will have  a life of hard work – looking cute and being friendly.   We will probably visit them from time to time as we tend to do with the goats we sell.

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