Our family's homesteading adventures in the mountains

A new puppy!

We have added a puppy to our farm.  She is a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog/Great Pyrenees mix.  We hope that her presence will help deter threats from wildlife – although thankfully we have not had any issues.  She has huge paws (that happen to be very clumsy still) and loves attention from the family.  She follows us around the farm as we do chores and loves to catch milk her mouth as we milk the goats.  Lassie has all the enthusiasm that you would picture when you think about a puppy.



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Tali is 13 months old now. She is very active and loves to climb. She also has a great love for animals of all kinds.

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6 months old!

Our little girl is 6 months old already.  Where does the time go?

Tali loves her exersaucer

Tali loves to put her feet in her mouth - when her mouth is already full of cereal










I'm ready for my food, Mom

Yesterday we did a photo session.  I gave her a flower to hold and of course all she wanted to do was suck on the flower.

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More pictures of Talia

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First snow of the season!

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