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The chicks are 7 weeks old!

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Finally earning her keep!

She spends most of her time under the delusion that she is a queen and deserves royal treatment.  She fills her time by seeing imaginary things to chase.  When she is not chasing figments of her imagination, she lounges around taking baths and naps.  This week, however, everything changed.  So far this week she has caught and killed two mice.  This of course only adds to her overly large ego, but I am thrilled that she is finally serving a purpose.

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Scary Llama Noise

We have the Llama as a guard animal to scare off predators.  It didn’t take us long to hear her scary noise.  She usually does it at night so we never know exactly what she sees or hears.  The children jokingly call it her Mrs. Rochester laugh.  This comes from watching the BBC version of “Jane Eyre.”  I didn’t want to go to the trouble of trying to record her making the noise so here is one on You Tube that sounds a lot like her.

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Here are some pictures of our new chicks on the day they arrived.  We ordered 11.  8 are intended to be laying hens and Katy ordered 3 Silkies as pets.  Unfortunately one of the Silkies didn’t look so good when it showed up and we lost that one so now we have 10 chicks.

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Tech Support

This is an incredibly funny video of Tim Hawkins.  I’ve seen this many times but yesterday it became more personal.  After arriving in Colorado, we realized our school computer was ready to go.  In the past we have always waited until the computer actually died to replace it – not fun.  So I decided to be proactive this time.  I researched computers that reviewed well and Brian picked me up one from CostCo.  Drew took the time Tuesday afternoon to get the new computer all set up and loaded with the programs we needed.  Wednesday morning they were using the computer and it just shut down.  The bad part is it would not restart.

At this point I was really frustrated because all I could think about was how many other things I needed to be working on.  Things like preparing the greenhouse for fall planting, continuing to make progress acquiring the animals we needed, making further progress in having things settled inside the house,  getting our school plans up and running.  So I put all that aside and called tech support.  Just like in the video, someone with a strong Indian accent answered me.  It took 10 minutes for them to get my basic information (like my name and phone number) straight.  After that, she was ready to help me troubleshoot.  She instructed me to turn my computer off.  Through gritted teeth I explained (for the third time) that my computer would not start so it was already off!  She proceeded to walk me through a whole lot of steps (all unsuccessful) culminating in having me remove the side panel and start playing inside the tower.  After that also failed she explained that I would have to send it in for service.  I explained I was not willing to do that as I had just purchased it and had no intention of waiting a week or two to use a computer THAT I NEEDED NOW!

During this entire phone call I was able to keep my cool and humor by remember this clip of Tim Hawkins.  And by the way, CostCo is the best when it comes to returns and exchanges.  They took it back without any trouble and now we have another computer up and running.  Sure hope it stays that way!

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