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What’s in a number?

We have homeschooled our children since the beginning.  Our curriculum and methods have changed over the years but our belief and commitment  have not wavered. Our main focus has been teaching the children how to learn.  Most people I talk to admit to coming out of high school and not remembering the content of the bulk of their classes.  So the idea has been that if they know how to learn, they can learn anything they need to in life.  Our curriculum is a  bit unconventional at times, but as our oldest enters his last year of school, (sniff, sniff) I am content with our results.

There are many principles and ideas that govern our homeschool choices.  One is the idea of making learning hands on.  Any type of learning becomes more memorable with a real life experience to hang it on.  When children can see what the heck they are going to use things for, it makes a lot more sense.  So here is some  examples of ways Nick has used real hands on learning in the past year.

Rebuilding a farm gate (lots of math here)

Starting a beehive  (reading, serious research into caring for bees, equipment and such)

Putting up an electric fence (reading, research again and a hands on science lesson)

Raising chickens (reading, research, science behind egg laying and nutrtion)

Training for a race (physical education, self discipline)

Building websites (computer science)

Horse training (reading, research, science)

Many repair jobs and home improvement projects (various)

There is so much more but this is a good sampling.  I am proud of the character and skills that Nick has developed.  He is going to go far in life due to that character and ability to tackle many things.

So what does this have to do with the number 34?  Well I really believe that his foundation and character is going to be what is important in life but I can’t help but be thrilled that 34 is what he got on his ACT.  It was his first time taking it.  It is funny because out of all the subjects we do, science and english have been what we have done in the most unconventional way.  He got a 36 in science and english.  Woo-hoo.


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