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SROM Wilderness Adventure

This summer I was blessed to have the opportunity to go on a 10 day climbing & backpacking trip with Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries. SROM is a wonderful Christian organization that offers wilderness-based leadership/discipleship courses, based on the example of the many bible heroes who went to the wilderness to seek God.

I was able to experience that firsthand on this trip in a very powerful way, as He grew me immensely and blessed me with a closeness with Him that I had not experienced before. I also had a great time getting to know the 12 other guys & gals on the trip, none of whom I had met before, and building some really good friendships. And of course, the scenery was fantastic!

It was definitely and experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything, and I’m very thankful for God’s hand in the events that led up to me going on the trip (another great story, if you’re interested in hearing!). I plan on staying involved with Solid Rock and am looking forward to seeing where that may lead.

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