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Chicken update

We have 19 chickens now.  The first batch consists of 8 laying hens (2 Australorp, 2 Orpingtons, 2 Brahams and 2 Dominiques) + 2 silkies.  One is our fearless rooster, Billy Joe.  He is smaller than the hens but he sure thinks he is something.  He crows all day.  Emmy Lou is our female silkie.  She went broody this spring (and is currently) and hatched us a chick.  Only one egg hatched but it is the cutest little thing.  It wasn’t even her egg (oh the scandal!)  It is a cross between an Austalorp and Billy Joe.  It was so much fun for everyone to watch the process and see Emmy Lou mother the little chick.  Much more natural then raising them in a brooder box.

Our second batch consist of 8 Austrlorps.  7 hens and a rooster.  Mr. rooster is still nameless but hopefully will have one soon.  He is practicing his crowing.  The hens will be laying in the next month and we hope to sell surplus eggs.

Nick is running the chicken portion of our farm.  The first time around we got a sampling of breeds so we could see which ones we liked.  Nick decided the Australorps are a good fit for us.  They have a great lay rate and are docile.  He is working to raise them in the most natural way possible such as using the deep litter method in the coop.

There sure is nothing like those farm fresh eggs!

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