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New Goats – Day 2

1.  The day starts with me convincing myself to get out of bed.  I am slightly dreading what the day might bring.  As I am putting my clothes on, I get a panic feeling – call it mommy intuition.  I pick up my pace.  I learn Katy is already outside.

2.  Katy is outside with a loose Llama and a loose goat.  Had I shown up a minute earlier, it would have been two loose goats.

3.   We try to herd the Llama first.  Our attempts are less than successful so I had for the house to get Drew.  He has a special friendship with her and I know he can get her contained quickly.

4.  Drew heads for the garage to get grain for the Llama.  The goat (who now has the name Smores) follows Drew because she thinks it is milking time.  Remembering the mess of goat pellets yesterday, we get her into a pen behind the garage.

5.  The Llama follows Drew into the first pen.  As she goes in, the second goat, Rita, gets loose.  Realizing if we don’t move the Llama down to the pasture, we will continue to play this game.  Drew successfully gets her to another area, although it isn’t easy because all she is thinking about is the goats food, which is in the first pen.

6.  Now we convince Rita to come back in.  This isn’t very easy because her companion isn’t there and she is concerned about finding her.

7.  Katy leads Smores in to be milk.  I am so happy so say it went perfectly.  She (Smores that is) is a perfect lady on the stand.  We filter the milk and now have our first milk from our little herd.

The second milking of the day is also successful.  A glimpse at day 3: it starts with more loose animals!

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