Our family's homesteading adventures in the mountains


Well we are coming up on a year at our farm.  So much has happened!  Over the next few weeks, I am going to be updating where things are at in each of the different areas.  33?  The number of animals we are up to- give or take 12,000.  The bees are the 12,000 give or take.  It is kind of hard to count them.  Feed prices are so crazy this year that we need to not add anymore for a while but here is the breakdown:

19 chickens

2 ducks

1 horse

6 goats (one is a loaner goat)

2 dogs

1 cat

1 llama

1 donkey


Update:  Um….I wrote this last week so I could post it this week.  Since that time we added another animal.  We got ourselves a barn kitty.  She will live in our milk room (that is really in our garage, not our barn) and scare and eat mice.

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