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A sight I never thought I would see

When we were in the process of purchasing our home, the previous owner offered to sell us her donkey and llama.   She used them as guard animals to protect her goats.  We planned on having goats and figured guard animals would be good.  The llama was very aloof.  She would not let us near her.  She turned out to be a great guard animal though.  Drew decided he wanted her as his animal and started working with her.  After a while she would quickly snatch a little grain from him but really didn’t want to be touched.  Recently he asked for a halter for her.  I thought it was a crazy idea but I like giving our children chances to try their ideas so I bought him one.  I was floored when he got it on her and doubly so when he started leading her around.  So he continues to work with and I now have faith we will be able to get her sheared this year after all.  And in case you are wondering, no she doesn’t spit.


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