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Water Woes

The day Talia was born we filled up a 150 gallon stock tank for me to labor in.  We noticed that day that the water kept running out.  Going forward we would run out from time to time and have to wait for the well to catch up.  About a two weeks ago it got dramatically worse.  Finally this week we didn’t have enough to flush toilets and shower.  We had to bring in big containers of water to flush toilets and take 30 second showers.  Last weekend we had one repair guy out and he found one issue but it did not fix the problem.  So yesterday we finally found out the problem.  A different company did a test on the line from the well to the house.  There was a definite leak.  It was just a coincidence that it started after filling the stock tank.  So today on a snowy 26 degree morning, an excavator came.  He dug down deep to the water line and water started shooting out.  There was a pipe that was broke through right at the pump head. Somebody had used piping that was not made for that purpose and tree roots had made their way through.  It was an expensive repair but it would have been worse if the leak had been further up the line. And just for fun I got to try his Bobcat out.   So we finally have water again.  Yeah!  Can’t wait for that hot shower.

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